Locals urged to visit businesses affected by construction

Locals urged to visit businesses affected by construction

Businesses along Bridge Boulevard are urgently reminding people they are still open, even as construction on Bridge is taking a major toll on business.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — “We have no customers as you can see, this is lunch time and it’s empty. There’s no customers.”

We met Miguel Armendariz during what should have been a busy lunch rush. Instead, he had plenty of time to sit down at one of the many empty tables to talk to us Thursday afternoon.

He and his family have been running the Los Forastero’s restaurant in the South Valley for the past five years.

Armendariz said he loves running his own business. Now, though, he’s having a hard time getting customers in the door.

“A lot of people want to get in, but they can’t. It’s hard to get through,” he said.

He added people can’t get to his restaurant because of all the construction in the area. His restaurant sits right on Bridge Boulevard, where a repave job is causing traffic jams.

The construction is part of a four-phase redevelopment of Bridge Blvd.

While the construction is a sign of revitalization, Armendariz said it’s hurting more than helping right now.

“They were working on construction on the other side and we had a little bit of people, customers. Now they moved to this side, and they can’t come through this street. So they have to go the other way and it’s hard for us because they can’t get into the restaurant,” he said.

The county is now encouraging people to visit the affected businesses. Armendariz said he hopes people will come to eat soon.

“We need help we need help we need everybody to come help us we don’t want to close,” he said.

The construction is set to wrap up in the fall. Until then, Armendariz said you can still get to his business – and all the other businesses affected right now – through La Vega Street.