Longtime Albuquerque musician revives ‘Lobo Power’ ahead of NCAA tournament

Longtime Albuquerque musician revives ‘Lobo Power’

Dick Stewart has been performing in the Albuquerque music scene since 1961. He passed the tradition of music down to his sons, one of whom he's honoring as he brings back his Lobo hype-up song, "Lobo Power" as the men's basketball team is in the NCAA tournament.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A song connecting a family, where everyone’s a Lobo – and a musician.

Dick Stewart wrote “Lobo Power” back in the day as a hype-up track for the Lobos.

“It was [in the days of] Luc Longley and those guys. That’s when they were hot and I said, ‘Oh I gotta write a song which I did. I remember walking up the mountain and going through my mind was this melody. When I got home, I wrote the music,” Stewart said.

“Lobo Power” is one of many songs the longtime Albuquerque musician has in his back catalog.

Stewart began playing in 1961, before the days of The Beatles and the British Invasion. He called himself King Richard – his band The Knights – and they had a couple of hits on KQEO, a popular station back in the day in Albuquerque.

“It was the big station with Bobby Box. They played the top 40 stuff,” Stewart said.

His biggest hit was “Precision.”

“What made it stand out was this guy Dave Bonham. He was a classical pianist. He played an intro that gave it an interesting sound,” Stewart recalled.

Stewart wasn’t in Albuquerque when the song became a hit. While living in Idaho, working as a firefighter and performing on the side, a family member called him urgently. At first, he thought it was bad news but they called to tell him that “Precision” had hit No. 1 on KQEO.

Years later, Stewart passed the love of music on to his sons, Ritchie and Jason. Jason wrote music for television, including shows on the Discovery Channel, and some Satriani-style guitar work on “Lobo Power.”

“I thought, in order to get this to really cook, I’m gonna have to have Jason do it,” Stewart said.

Now, “Lobo Power” lives on in Jason’s memory.

“My brother, little brother, passed away during the COVID-19. He was waiting for a liver transplant and everything got shut down,” Ritchie Stewart said.

As the Lobo men’s basketball team puts on their dancing shoes once again, Ritchie and Dick are revving up the “Lobo Power.”

Hyping up the Lobo fans and making sure Jason’s memory is never lost.