Longtime Lobo fan couple attend Mountain West Tournament

Longtime Lobo fan couple attend Mountain West tourney

Two former Lobo players turned Lobo fans, after all these years, are still coming to the games are at the Mountain West Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — The Lobos are doing well in the Mountain West Tournament, fresh off a blowout win over Air Force to kick things off.

A couple in attendance have seen it all as longtime supporters – and players – of Lobo basketball.

“Bob King recruited me out of Illinois in 1971 off a cornfield. I flew out to Albuquerque, never seen a mountain before in my life. He brings me, shows me The Pit,” Bob Toppert said.

His wife, Linda Toppert, meanwhile, was a Sandia High School graduate. She went to UNM and played for a couple of years.

There, she met Bob.

“I need a date to a sorority dance so I asked him to go on this date. Come to find out later, he went home and called his mother back in Illinois. He said, ‘This girl invited me on a date, I think she’s hustling me!'” Linda recalled.

Bob and Linda recalled some of their favorite Lobo memories in the video above.