Los Ranchos celebrates National Alpaca Weekend

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Lesley Cummins and her family have been raising Alpacas in Los Ranchos for the last few years. 

 “We moved here two years ago, and we were interested in doing something with the property. We really love those Los Ranchos because it’s a rural area, and we had an opportunity to learn about sort of being farmers,” said Cummins. 

She says after retiring from teaching they said why not? And started with three alpacas. 

Now, the herd is growing with the newest member, 6-month-old Amadeaus. 

Cummins says they really want to focus the farm on educating people about alpacas. 

“We give tours. We’ve had a school field trip tour come out. So we had, you know, over 20 kids out there with the alpacas, and they did great, they did really wonderful,” Cummins said. 

That’s why this year they’re participating in National Alpaca Farm Weekend. 

“We’re opening up the farm from 4 to 6 for people to come and get to meet the alpacas and learn about raising alpacas. They’ll get a chance to take pictures with them to hug them and to feed them,” said Cummins. 

One of the things you’ll get to do is walk some of the alpacas like Phoenix.

Cummins says alpacas can be shy, but they’re very friendly, and nicer than their counterpart llamas. They only spit at each other – unless you get in the cross fire. 

The farm open house is Saturday and Sunday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

“I’m excited, we’re really excited to get started and to let people know that we’re here. And if that they want to come visit the alpacas we can,” said Cummins.