Lovelace Health System hit in nationwide ransomware attack

Ransomware attack impacts hospitals nationwide, including Lovelace Health System

Lovelace Health System is looking into a cyberattack they detected on Thanksgiving.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Lovelace Health System is looking into a cyberattack they detected on Thanksgiving. 

Lovelace’s parent company, Ardent Health Services, was targeted by the ransomware attack, impacting its hospitals nationwide. As a result, they took a lot of their network offline – including user access, corporate services, internet, and clinical programs.

A statement on Ardent Health’s website says:

“Ardent has reported this event to law enforcement and retained third-party forensic and threat intelligence advisors. At this time, we cannot confirm the extent of any patient health or financial data that has been compromised.”

When Lovelace was first made aware of the attack, emergency services were diverted to other area hospitals like Presbyterian and UNMH.

As of Monday, Lovelace’s emergency room and urgent care are back open, and they are able to continue with their outpatient rehabilitation and physical therapy as well.

However, other specialty services like elective surgeries and medical group clinics are still closed.

Officials say Lovelace is calling patients who need to reschedule their appointments.

Ardent is still determining the full impact of the attack, and the investigation and restoration of access to electronic medical records and other clinical systems is ongoing. No word if the closed clinics will reopen Tuesday.