Man accused of shooting at Albuquerque homes released from jail

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A man accused of shooting multiple Northeast Heights homes is getting out of jail again. He was already released once, and was sent back to jail for not following the conditions of his release. 

KOB 4 explains why he’s being given a second chance.

Ryan Heun appeared in court by video Tuesday, hoping to get out of jail. His attorneys filed a motion requesting Judge Brett Loveless release him, so he could receive treatment for his drug addiction. 

“At this point, Mr. Heun has been accepted and does have a bed at a residential treatment facility,” said Defense Attorney Sarah Pepin.

Heun was arrested back in February. He’s accused of shooting up multiple homes in his northeast Albuquerque neighborhood with a high-powered air rifle. 

According to a criminal complaint, Heun’s father said his son uses meth daily.  

Officers with APD’s Crisis Intervention Unit believed Heun’s actions were part of a drug induced psychosis. 

Heun was released to a halfway house under strict orders to not return to his neighborhood. But he reportedly didn’t keep up his end of the bargain. 

One of the victims found Heun at his father’s house back in March. He was sent to jail. 

The Office of the Public Defender filed to have him released to a different treatment program. 

Prosecutors pushed to keep him in jail Tuesday. 

“Even if he were to go to this residential program, he can still leave at any time. Obviously, our concern again would be that he would choose to leave, come back, and we’d be in this same instance again,” said Prosecutor Carmen Gutierrez. 

But the defense, and program administrators said that would be unlikely. 

“We’re in the middle of nowhere in Taos so even if Ryan did decide to leave, there is nowhere to go,” said Amanda Merrill with the Vista Taos Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center.  

Judge Brett Loveless decided to allow Heun out of jail to go through the program. It was something Heun celebrated, but he’s going to have to complete the 90 program. If he doesn’t, it’s straight back to jail.