Man charged with murder in beating death of father

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Albuquerque police arrested a man Saturday after he admitted to brutally beating his father at a home they shared.

Police arrested 29-year-old Clayton Garcia and have now charged him with an open count of murder and tampering with evidence. Clayton’s father, Jorge, died Sunday as a result of his wounds.

APD officers responded early Saturday, Sept. 23, to a report that an individual was on the ground and a man was yelling for someone to die.

Officers arrived at the home on Madeira, near Lomas and San Mateo, and saw Clayton in the driveway spraying his feet with a water hose.

Clayton reportedly told police, “He reached in through the window, said he was going to murder me, so I kicked his ass.”

Police found Jorge on the ground and partially underneath a vehicle.

Clayton later told detectives that his father was upset with him when he returned from a party and he was being loud. As he attempted to leave in a vehicle his father usually drives, his father confronted him, broke the car window, and tried to pull him out.

Clayton said he started kicking his father but did not remember how many times.

Jorge was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. Detectives were informed late Sunday that Garcia died as a result of his wounds.