Man gets hit by truck, shot at during morning walk in Albuquerque

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Alfonso Gallegos has kept the same cardio routine for months.

“This is a very nonchalant, boring walk,” said Gallegos. “I’ve done this a year and a half, the same walk.”

But Monday morning’s walk became anything but boring. It quickly turned into running for his life.

“Sure enough I just hear wooomp, and then crrrr!” said Gallegos. “I get hit by this truck and the door is opened at the same time so it was literally like I flew in the air– I got a little busted up.”

A neighbor’s camera near Summer Avenue and Chama Street in NE Albuquerque caught the whole thing. You see a white truck enter the frame, and beeline for Gallegos. Gallegos takes off, but seconds later you can see a man with a rifle chasing him. The suspect fires one shot, picks up his casing, and runs back out of frame.

“All I could think about was, all I could think about was living,” said Gallegos. “It was one of those like your life’s flashing before your eyes moments, you know what I mean? It was terrifying to say the least. Like oh god it was atrocious.”

He says he was thinking about his eleven-year-old son and mother in those terrifying moments.

“I’m the sole provider of the house. You know what I mean? If they don’t have me they don’t- they can’t eat,” said Gallegos. 

Gallegos claims he doesn’t know of anyone who would target him. 

“Maybe he was trying to rob me. I don’t know. Maybe he was trying to steal my phone,” said Gallegos. “That seems a bit ridiculous and extreme to do that but who knows? There’s so much bad it’s so easy to fall into that minutia, I don’t want to do that. However, it’s hard when you quite literally get hit by a truck.”

Gallegos’ friend is offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case.