Man pleads guilty to decapitating woman in 2017

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A decapitated woman found in a nice Albuquerque neighborhood had folks asking questions for years.

On Tuesday, they are getting answers as the man accused of murder owned up to his actions.

“I mean it’s a heinous crime, right?” said Karen Little. “Well I remember there was a lot of activity, and I was wondering what it was.”

Karen Little recalled when a gruesome discovery was made a few houses over, right before Christmas in 2017.

“It’s bad enough for somebody to be killed, but to be decapitate them, just to me, takes a special kind of horrible person to do something like that,” said Little. 

Andrew Garcia Jr. aka “Two Feathers” is accused of stabbing and eventually taking off Audra Willis’ head while sitting in a parked car. He and Willis had both just gotten out of jail.

Court documents reveal a child was in the car and his witness testimony helped investigators solve this murder. The boy recalled asking why a gurgling noise was coming from Willis.

Garcia had said she was in a “very dark sleep.” The boy left the car to get his mom, when they returned, Willis was headless.

“This is in the best interest of the State of New Mexico, as well as the child witness who would have needed to testify at trial,” said Jordan Machin, prosecutor. 

On Tuesday, Garcia changed his mind, and took a breath before changing his plea to guilty.

“Well, yeah. That’s comforting to know there is one bad person out there that’s being taken off the streets, but how many others are behind that person,” said Little.