Motorcycle stunt show coming to the Four Corners

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FARMINGTON, N.M. — Watching stuntmen and women put their lives on the line to achieve the impossible has been a cornerstone of American entertainment ever since the 1960s when Evel Knievel drew massive crowds for his daredevil motorcycle jumps.

Now, a new type of motorcycle show in the Four Corners hopes to renew that same excitement for motorcycle stunts.

“You will see some guys jumping a 75-foot gap and pulling tricks 45 feet in the air, like almost touching the roof on the Farmington Coliseum – and you will see some guys going upside down in a ball of steel,” explained Jonathan Dominguez, the show director for MOTOXTEME Circus.

It isn’t just the lights, the bikes and the jumps that get people excited – it’s also the unique take on extreme sports.

“It’s not just motorcycles, it is called MOTOXTREME Circus because there are motorcycles involved but it’s more like action sport, also BMX freestyle,” Dominguez said. “This is the first of this type of event, we combine action sports and circus acts, and it’s been good in every city and every town that we go in.”

Dominguez hopes this event will bring the crowds out like in 1965.

“We are on a mission to bring some entertainment to many towns that don’t have this kind of event, like action sports,” he said, “and we call it the cool stuff going to many towns that never had it before.”

As for the show’s newest dancer, Nathalia Alves, it’s a chance for her to not only bring entertainment but to see the world.

“It’s a pretty new experience and every single day is a different day, this is so cool,” Alves said.

MOTOXTREME Circus will have two shows Saturday at McGee Park in Farmington.