National Museum of Nuclear Science and History hosts STEAM Day event

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – At the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History local scientists, engineers, and physicists gathered to showcase the fun that comes with science.

People of all ages gathered around to watch cool science experiments with liquid nitrogen, and dancing electricity at the Discover STEAM Day event.

The children who attended enjoyed every second of the day:

“It was pretty cool,” said Joziah Morehead. 

“It’s all like very different, so you learn a lot from different perspectives and stuff,” said Cassidy Rudd and Sarah Hecht. “I like to learn how it works.” 

But aside from all of the fun, what do children really get out of this experience?

“New Mexico’s very a science-heavy state and we do recruit a lot of people, well into the labs and universities and people from elsewhere, but let’s grow our own local talent, let’s bring the kids in,” said Adam Hecht a UNM Nuclear Engineering professor. 

And teaching children in-person in a post-pandemic world helps in many ways too.

“It’s great to have people face-to-face, it’s great for people to see demonstrations, for them to I don’t know, they see it all around them,” said Hecht. 

Adding a little fun to science and technology exposes children to new things, something parents are also very fond of.

“We’ve never been here before, so it’s our first time,” said Evangeline Torres. “It feels really great to get out especially with my son, we like to do these kind of things once in a while, do a little bit of bonding, learning.”