Navajo Nation lawmaker introduces bill to repeal same-sex marriage ban

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Navajo Nation Council Delegate Seth Damon introduced a bill Friday that, if passed, would repeal a ban on same-sex marriage.

The council passed the ban on same-sex marriage as a part of a 2005 provision stating, in part, “marriage between persons of the same sex is void and prohibited.”

Groups still celebrated Diné Pride. Then, in July 2020, as Speaker of the Navajo Nation then, Damon signed a resolution officially proclaiming the third week in June as Diné Pride Week.

The new legislation recognizes what they believe are outside influences that played into the ban being passed, stating:

“The Navajo Nation further recognizes that Navajo society accepted multi-gendered individuals prior to European arrival. European religious influence viewed homosexuality as an intolerable sin. As a result, acceptance of LGBTQ2S+ people declined within tribal nations. Today, many tribal nations have repealed same-sex prohibition laws.”

Read the full legislation text here: