New additions coming to the ABQ BioPark Zoo

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Lions, tigers, and construction! The Albuquerque BioPark Zoo is a little less than a year away from opening its new Asia and Australia exhibits.

“From the new Asian elephant overlook, you can see the new construction going on, so we feel the guests are really enjoying that,” said Brandon Gibson, the deputy director of the Department of Arts and Culture. “The little boys love seeing all the big equipment out there at work, and it’s great to see it come up before your eyes with each visit.”

Walking through the zoo, there are plenty of signs saying “Coming Soon” or sharing what to expect with the new exhibits – but the zoo had to close some of the old exhibits before they got anything new.

“Our Australia renovation has some former exhibits closed off. The old lemurs, the old koalas, there are a few areas where we have shifted those animals out to other locations that are a part of our AZA [Association of Zoos and Aquariums] network,” Gibson said.

Some of the construction – like what is being built by the elephants – is completely new.

“The Asia expansion is just that – an expansion,” Gibson said. “An area the visitors wouldn’t ever be allowed into previously. So, it’s going to be five new acres for guests to explore.”

There will also be new habitats due to the new acreage.

“New habitats for our stellar sea eagles, snow leopards, tigers, orangutans and siamangs, and it’s going to be a great interactive learning experience for all the guests at the BioPark,” Gibson said.

Right now, the plan is to open next summer – but that depends on the construction crews getting everything they need in time.