New family-owned business sets up shop in Rio Rancho

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RIO RANCHO, N.M. – Coffee and pastries are the basis of a new family-owned business based in Rio Rancho. Business is expanding, and the mastermind behind it all might surprise some.

“We’re open about four weeks here, we just start off kind of with like about two-to-three dozen,” said Norma Hernandez, co-owner of Suenos Coffee, Pastries and More. 

Suenos Coffee, Pastries and More is growing fast in different ways – such as cooking classes.

“We’re working to offer kids classes and even couples classes where they can decorate their cake together, where my husband can also offer a coffee workshop,” said Norma.

The inspiration and brains behind their growing business might surprise you. 

“I got more into it and started looking into it more like making my own recipes or adjustments. So then after a while, people started wanting to like, what’s it called buy them or ask how I made them, so figured why not just make a business out of it?” said Genesis Hernandez, worker of Suenos Coffee, Pastries and More. 

Genesis is the brains behind this business. She started baking when she was just 12-years-old during the pandemic. Now she helps out with the coffee side of her family’s business too.

“My dad also wanted to incorporate coffee because he got really into it just as I did baking, but it was too small for one, and two he wanted to create his own thing,” said Genesis. 

And with the help of mom and dad they got operations moving in a small food truck, which has now expanded to a home base location in Rio Rancho with another location coming to the metro soon.

As a hard-working 14-year-old, Genesis loves taking on a challenge.

 “It can be stressful but at the same time it’s like a blessing in disguise because I love big events mingling with coworkers,” she said. 

Genesis’ dad’s passion shines through on the coffee side of things, which is his expertise while her mom helps out with the baking.

While mom and dad handle the financial and logistics of the business, Genesis’ inspiration really pushed her parents to pursue this business full force with their daughter.

“She’s definitely what started our whole business and really just made us realize I guess a passion we never knew,” said Norma. 

Just a few years into the business as a young high schooler, Genesis is showing no signs of slowing down with this in the future.

“I see this growing to like you know, different states or not me always having to run it. But me still being the head of it because I don’t want it to be one of those,” said Genesis.