New Mexico COVID-19 update: 11 deaths, 157 hospitalizations, 1,283 cases

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The New Mexico Department of Health reported 11 additional COVID-19-related deaths and 1,283 new COVID-19 cases Friday.

There are currently 157 individuals hospitalized in New Mexico with COVID-19. There were 161 the day before.

The NMDOH has modified its daily reporting of COVID-19 data. Their data dashboard no longer includes a daily breakdown of new cases and deaths in each county.


  • 157 current hospitalizations The number of hospital beds currently occupied by individuals with COVID-19.
  • 19 ventilated The number of hospitalized individuals with COVID-19 who are using machines to help them breathe. This includes people in the ER who have been put on a breathing machine while waiting for a hospital bed.


  • 11 new deaths The total number of people who have died of COVID-19 that the state learned about yesterday.
  • 7,883 cumulative The total number of people who have died with COVID-19 in New Mexico since the beginning of the pandemic.


  • 1,283 new cases The total number of people with COVID-19 that the state learned about yesterday. Results reported following a weekend or holiday include all new cases since the last update.
  • 551,614 cumulative This case count includes all COVID-19 cases reported to the state from the start of the pandemic through the latest update.


  • 11,586 new tests The number of COVID-19 tests from a laboratory or medical facility that confirms current COVID-19 infection. All test results received by the state yesterday are counted. Home-based test results are not included.

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