New Mexico launches online MMIP data portal

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The New Mexico Department of Justice on Tuesday unveiled an online portal focused on cases of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People.

According to the NMDOJ, the portal will address the data-sharing and public-facing aspects of the MMIP crisis in New Mexico. It provides real-time, public access to active cases across the state.

They hope it will lead to law enforcement agencies communicating better and enable anyone to provide new leads on pending investigations.

“We have to break down barriers to communication in this space and give the public and key stakeholders direct access to the information we have regarding Missing and Murdered Indigenous People,” New Mexico Attorney General Raul Torrez said. “This portal is a critical first step in that process and will provide invaluable insights for policymakers, including the dedicated Task Force we intend to establish in the coming months.

The NMDOJ is working with the FBI and tribal law enforcement to make this happen.

“We fully support our partners at the NMDOJ as they roll out this important initiative,” said Raul Bujanda, the FBI Special Agent in Charge. “Although our state and the Navajo Nation, have access to the most accurate data on missing persons in the country, their work will offer families transparency. It’ll also provide additional state-focused tools to ensure proper reporting for their loved ones. This more robust MMIP effort undertaken by the NMDOJ makes all of New Mexico a safer place.”

The funds for the portal come from Senate Bill 12. The New Mexico Legislature passed that legislation in the 2022 session.

The bill also called for a position within the NMDOJ for this effort. Officials say they are actively recruiting for that position.

NMDOJ officials added they plan to announce a new MMIP task force this year.

To view the portal, click here.