New Mexico native helps NASCAR ace tell ‘All of It’

NEW MEXICO — Geoff Bodine raced in the NASCAR Cup Series for 33 years, defined by a Daytona 500 win, legendary car owners and a rivalry with Dale Earnhardt.

To help tell “All of It,” he recruited Grants native and UNM alumnus Dominic Aragon.

Aragon and Bodine wrote “All of It: Daytona 500 Champions Tells the Rest of the Story.” They say it’s a project several years in the making, intending to help teach non-racing fans about NASCAR.

“I just accumulated all of these stories. I was telling Dom about them and writing them down. Really, the hard part of this book was ending it. That’s why it’s taken so long to put together. I’m still doing things. There’s still things going on in my life,” Bodine said.

Aragon also graduated from Grants High School. He says NASCAR culture is really on the East Coast, not so much in New Mexico, which makes him grateful for this chance.

“I joked that Geoff was kind of the guinea pig on what worked and what didn’t. We worked on this for probably the better part of a decade. I threw the idea out at him in probably the summer of 2014 and he said, ‘Yeah I’ll think about it,’ and then he took me up on it,” Aragon said.

The book comes out February 13.

Note: Dominic Aragon is also a member of the KOB 4 family.