New video shows moments after hospital staff find newborn in trash

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ARTESIA, N.M. — “It was a gory bloody massacre mess,” said a staff member from Artesia Hospital. 

This is what they recall after 19-year-old Alexee Trevizo allegedly gave birth in an emergency room bathroom and left her newborn in a trash can. 

Staff members say Trevizo went to the hospital for stomach pain, but ultimately denied knowing she was pregnant. 

Witnesses say while Trevizo was getting treatment she said she needed to go to the bathroom, where she locked herself inside for at least a half hour.

“She said ‘Yeah I’m fine, I’m just having a hard time going to the bathroom,’ is what she replied. I was like ‘Okay, push the call light if she needed anything,’” said another hospital staff member from that night. 

“I just kept hearing the paper towel dispenser, and flushing and like the water running,” another hospital worker recalled. 

Eventually, hospital staff told her they were going to unlock the bathroom if she didn’t come out. 

Trevizo shortly came out on her own and hospital staff had a janitor clean up the mess left behind. Just moments later, a janitor is seen on hospital surveillance needing comfort from fellow coworkers after finding a dead baby boy tied up in a bag in the bathroom trash can. 

“It had a fresh liner inside, so we didn’t think nothing of it because we looked. So when I pulled the liner out there was paper towels,” said a hospital worker. “She had it tight because the top was twisted and tucked under, so it wouldn’t open up.” 

This worker noticed something much worse when she grabbed the trash bag. 

“When I picked it up, that’s when I noticed it even more because I saw black and purple but once I picked it up, the bag suctioned to his face.” 

Investigators questioned one nurse about how Trevizo was acting after they told her what they found.

“She wasn’t even crying tears, the only thing she was upset about I think she was going to be in trouble with her mom.”

The same nurse seemed to be perplexed and angry at how Trevizo and her family reacted to what happened this January night. 

“No one asked me anything about the baby’s condition; if it was a boy or girl, anything.”