Newlyweds warn about wedding scammer

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Weddings are stressful enough, with all the planning that goes into it, so what happens when the main vendor doesn’t come through?

“I thought maybe she was just busy because it’s wedding season. So I waited like a week or two before I texted her again and I got no response,” Elyssa Killough said.

Killough was supposed to celebrate her special day. Instead, she says she paid a little over $1,900 and didn’t have anything to show for it.

“After I realized that something wasn’t right, I went back to Wedding Wire. I started Googling her. Then, that’s when I started seeing bad reviews from this past year,” Killough said. “People said she either showed up and the items she had for rent were broken. Or she wasn’t managing their wedding well.”

Unfortunately, Killough wasn’t the only one who didn’t have decorations on their wedding day.

“The day before my wedding, I sent a text and said, ‘Hey, good morning.’ Like, ‘Just confirming everything again, we’re gonna be here at this time and look forward to seeing you.’ Then I got an automated text back saying that my number was, like, blocked,” Alicia Crosby said.

$1,600 later and Crosby still didn’t have any decorations. The day before her wedding, it was time to start thinking of plan B.

“I needed to figure out how I was going to replace $1,600 worth of stuff that I had rented from her,” Crosby said. “I just pieced it together and it all came out good. In the end, it was just very stressful. And not like I envisioned originally for like the whole year that I was planning it.”

We tried calling the business. However, the number was disconnected.

Crosby says she hopes other couples do their research before they start planning their wedding.

“So, hopefully, it gives someone else time to either make a plan B or push their wedding back if they need to but just to rearrange to where their vision can still be what they want and not have that stress,” Crosby said.

We reached out to the Better Business Bureau. Officials said they’ve received two reports on the same business last month.