NMDOT survey seeks input for public transportation improvements

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The New Mexico Department of Transportation is asking people who use public transit to share their experience. 

Whether you use regional transportation or city buses, they want to know what needs to be improved. This survey is all part of a 10-year plan.

“It is very important, there is a lot of residents in this state that don’t have access to a car, or are sharing a car between a household or children that need to get from school to home. They commute using the train, it is a very important program and not just in Albuquerque but throughout New Mexico,” said NMDOT Public Information Officer Kimberly Gallegos.  

NMDOT is asking people to fill out a survey on what they want to see added or improved when it comes to public transit. 

“This survey is part of a New Mexico statewide public transportation plan and what we will be looking at for this survey is we’re actually evaluating the rural, urban, and intercity transportation service,” said Gallegos.  

Here’s why this is important: the plan, called “Connect New Mexico,” will take all of the data and make a transportation plan for the next several years. 

“Come fall 2023 that is when our final plan will be set and that will guide us where we need to put that funding towards for the next 10 years,” Gallegos.  

By simply answering what type of routes you take and how often, you can help craft the final plan. 

“Do we have more people that are riding in an area where they are going from A to B every single day, or do we have people that are requesting more of the one-on-one stops?” said Gallegos. 

They will also be hosting community meetings later this month. 

Click here for the survey.