NMDOT works to keep roads clear ahead of legislative session

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SANTA FE, N.M. – It has been a snowy day up in northern New Mexico and the Department of Transportation has been working hard Monday to clear those roads, as elected officials from all across the state head to Santa Fe for the upcoming legislative session.

At the same time DOT crews are out all across northern New Mexico, there are also some preps being done at the Roundhouse to make sure the session starts on time.

“They are out patrolling the roadways they are sanding and de-icing that they pretreat the road,” said Jim Murray, a public information officer for NMDOT District 5. 

Driving into Santa Fe the DOT vehicles were easy to spot as half the fleet was out on the road Monday.

“We have over 200 men in the patrols and half are on duty right now, so we have more than 100 out right now,” Murray said.

But they aren’t the only ones clearing snow today. Over at the Roundhouse the legislative council services says they are salting sidewalks and clearing parking lots in preparation for tomorrow.

But the director of the Legislative Ccouncil Service Raul Burciaga, said over the phone the session will start tomorrow, snow or shine.

It is actually written in New Mexico’s constitution the legislative session has to start on the third Tuesday in January – so any inclement weather will not stop them.

But officials remind folks to be careful when they hit the road Tuesday. 

“I would say to go slow, keep an eye not just on the roads but on everyone else around you, because they may not be as good of a driver as you,” Murray said.

Another good reminder, don’t crowd the plow, if you see a snow plow or a sander on the road be sure to give them at least 50 feet.

While the session officially starts at noon Tuesday, the Legislative Council Service says many of the state’s elected officials are already here in Santa Fe because they may have meetings in the morning, so they won’t have to worry about battle the roads to get to the Roundhouse.