Oddities and Curiosities Expo stops in Albuquerque

A look inside Albuquerque’s Oddities and Curiosities Expo

The Oddities and Curiosities Expo stopped in Albuquerque to give New Mexicans a taste of everything weird. And the vendors say they're living up to that theme.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Oddities and Curiosities Expo stopped in Albuquerque this weekend to give New Mexicans a taste of everything weird. Vendors from across the country came to showcase their art.

“Well we definitely have the oddities with the bones and the skulls and everything,” said Danielle Lutz, co-owner of Thrasher Oddities. “My leather work, we try to gear that toward the weird and the odd.”

Lutz came from Pennsylvania for the expo, and Albuquerque isn’t her only stop.

“I think we did a total of 14 of the shows this year so we’ll be at Houston and Dallas the next couple of weekends,” Lutz said. “Then we get a couple of weeks off and then we’re headed to Ohio.”

Lutz says Thrasher Oddities has something for everyone.

“We sell some taxidermy, a little bit and leather stuff, we do a little bit of artwork like I make laterns and I make suncatchers, whatever I can get into,” she said.

Over at Tony’s Trading Post, he sells taxidermy too, but that’s not the only part of the animal they sell.

“We sell a lot of taxidermy, furs, fur hats, skulls, bones, steer hides, horn mugs, bull steel horn mugs for drinking beer,” said Tony Sheda, the owner.

It was Sheda’s first time in Albuquerque.

“I do buy, sell and trade – always looking to buy collections of taxidermy everywhere I go,” Sheda said.

Sheda said his business will be at about a third of the stops on the tour.

In addition to taxidermy, the expo also had a lot of artwork. Sara Bowersock paints and designs everything at Point Blank Art and Designs. She explained the expo helps business owners from across the country reach a bigger platform.

“The show is amazing and has changed so many people’s lives with just the show, being able to be a creative full time, so we’re really grateful,” Bowersock said.

The next stop for the Oddities and Curiosities Expo will be in Texas. The tour lasts until Nov. 24.