Old Town business owners frustrated over repeat break-ins

Old Town business owners frustrated over repeat break-ins

Business owners in Old Town are happy to welcome holiday shoppers.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Business owners in Old Town are happy to welcome holiday shoppers. 

“I was coming in thinking it was going to be such a busy day, and it was a beautiful day in Old Town. There were a lot of people shopping, it was really wonderful to see that much activity, the parking lots were all full,” said Liz Gaylor, owner of Tiny Grocer ABQ. 

But her Small Business Saturday did not start as planned.

“They broke this window out now it’s boarded up. Somebody’s coming to replace it this evening,” said Gaylor. “It’s a bummer.”

She wasn’t the only one. The owner of Genuine Southwest Art and Gifts had their window smashed on Saturday.

The owner of Genuine Southwest told KOB 4 the person who broke in didn’t take anything. But they did make off with a couple of laptops and cell phones at the Tiny Grocer.  

“I wasn’t able to open on Saturday morning because we had to make sure it was safe. There was a lot of broken glass everywhere and then the thief who broke in had cut himself, and there was blood. So just wanting to make sure it was safe for patrons,” Gaylor said.  

Gaylor and her neighbor aren’t the only ones in Old Town having to face some ugly realities. 

In late September, surveillance video shows a man dumping oil near the Old Town fountain. 

Weeks later, in October, the new General Store was broken into. A masked guy skipped over expensive merchandise to steal snacks.

Gaylor says she’s thankful it wasn’t worse at her store, and hopes the people who shop here can experience the magic that is Christmas in Old Town.

“I grew up here. I’m from New Mexico for several generations on both sides and fell a lot of pride for Old Town and the area,” said Gaylor.  

Gaylor and other business owners in Old Town are really looking forward to this Friday, it’s the Old Town Christmas tree lighting and holiday stroll. 

They’re excited to welcome everyone out for a night of community and shopping, and they’re even staying open until at least 9 that night for the festivities.