Pay It 4ward: Albuquerque crossing guard thanked for bringing smiles to community

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Tonight’s Pay It 4ward helps a man who makes a daily impact on one Albuquerque community, and he does it on the move.

They might be an unlikely pair, but fourth-grader Finnley Christensen and crossing guard Dave have their own special relationship.

“It’s like in winter you know that feeling when you cuddle up in a warm blanket and drink some hot cocoa? It like makes me feel warm inside because it’s like he’s part of my family,” said Finnley Christensen, a friend of Dave. 

Like clockwork, Dave is at the crosswalk near Monte Vista Elementary every morning and every afternoon.

“I’m always just a tiny bit sad to go into school and have to wait that long to see him again,” said Finnley. 

Because Dave has a way of bringing the sunshine.

“He is always here with a bright smile and something nice to say. Just the perfect way to start our school day and to end it. But he is just so kind and generous, and he cares for the kids and the families at Monte Vista,” said Toni Christensen, Finnley’s mom. 

Dave got hit by a stray bullet while he was off the clock last year. It forced him off his feet for a while, but he was back in the crosswalk as soon as he could be.

“You would never know. He didn’t complain he was still here for work, and he’s a trooper.”

Finnley lead the charge on showing the school community’s appreciation for Dave’s dedication.

So, it was time to Pay It 4ward.

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