Pay it 4ward: Albuquerque nail salon owner thanked for generosity to community

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – When customers get their nails done at Pink Ribbon Nail Salon in northwest Albuquerque, the money doesn’t just go back to New Mexicans battling breast cancer, it also goes overseas to help those less fortunate.

“We’re celebrating the goodness that Tina Diep, owner of Pink Ribbon, brings to our community and to our lives,” said Tanya Pyke, Pay it 4ward nominator. 

But before we celebrate Diep, first a little history. KOB 4 first introduced you to Diep back in 2017. She was born in Vietnam, and then she was adopted. Diep never knew her biological parents, but she then found her dad right in Albuquerque.

“I love it, you know, I couldn’t be any happier,” said Diep’s father in 2017. 

What brought her to New Mexico, though? And what fueled that search for her dad? It was a medical diagnosis.

“When I found out I had breast cancer and they said there’s nothing they can do. Let’s just move down here to be next to my dad, and I’ve been around for four years now,” said Diep. 

It’s here that Diep opened the Pink Ribbon Nail Salon.

“She’s an amazing woman has an amazing past and definitely contributes to Albuquerque and our community,” said Pyke. 

Diep hosted fundraisers for New Mexicans battling breast cancer and even gave back to her home country.

“She has adopted several community members in Vietnam and I believe 73 small children that she goes back on an annual basis, and just brings them all kinds of goodness,” Pyke said. 

She even helped Pyke’s mom after hours to help her feel safer during the pandemic.

“My mom was going through breast cancer for a second time during COVID. But you know, she also wanted to feel and look pretty herself,” explained Pyke. 

Which is why Pyke decided to help Pay It 4ward with $400. 

“Tina my friend. You’re such an amazing, beautiful and strong woman, and you bring so much love and generous donation to the communities that you live in, here and abroad in Vietnam. And we’re just here to honor you,” Pyke said. 

“Oh my gosh. Tanya. You should’ve called me and said something, I didn’t get ready for this. Do I look okay? Thank you,” said Diep. “Thank you so much, Tanya. I’m kind of shocked. Thank you.”

After two years, Diep was able to finally go back to Vietnam.

“The money they put in here it means a lot because I don’t use that money for anything, I use that money to help people out there,” Diep said. 

Thanks to Pyke, and her husband, for supporting her.

“I’m not supposed to be here, because when I find I had breast cancer I thought that’s it ,I’m done. But I’m still around for another four years, and I have done a lot in this four year. Just tell other women out there who go through what I go through, just be strong. I know we can do it, just be strong and be happy and continue to fight for our life. Life is beautiful,” said Diep.