Pay It 4ward: Author honored for supporting children’s literacy

Pay It 4ward: Author honored for supporting children’s literacy

Tonight’s Pay It 4ward helps a local author who’s using a curly haired New Mexico crow to make reading a bit more fun.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Under last year’s Mass Ascension, a relationship between artist Stephanie Nieto and author Nicholas Aragon took flight.

“He started showing me his book and I started showing him my photos, and we talked about maybe collaborating,” said Nieto.

Until “Curly Crow” took priority. 

Aragon has a seven-book series where his Curly Crow character goes to school, the beach, a balloon festival, and gets a haircut. He shared his vision to get Curly Crow in children’s hands across the state for free. 

“Community centers, children’s hospitals, Pre-K, daycares, anything of that sort, But he doesn’t have the time, he’s a super-duper busy man,” Nieto said.

So Nieto stepped in to help. She’s found Curly Crow homes in the metro, Corrales, and as far as Tularosa and Alamogordo all in the past month.

“80 books, 80 plus books and 30 plus facilities. This guy is a true, true New Mexican who believes in promoting literacy in children. And I don’t even think it’s just the literacy, he just loves children and wants to see them succeed,” said Nieto.

So, it was time to Pay It 4ward with $400.

Anyone can contact Stephanie Nieto, 505-440-5775, for readings and to get books into their schools or centers.

Here’s a list of the schools and places where people can find the books now too:

  • Corrales Elementary
  • McCollum Elementary
  • Onate Elementary
  • Governor Beut Elementary
  • St. Therese
  • Greigos Elementary
  • Raymond G. Sanchez CC
  • Paradise Hills CC
  • Mountain View CC
  • Westside CC
  • Alice King Community School
  • Armijo Elementary
  • Sierra Vista Primary
  • White Mountain Elementary
  • Tularosa Elementary
  • Tularosa Intermediate
  • All Alamogordo elementary schools

Watch the video above for more.