Pay It 4ward: Housing program coordinator thanked for helping women in crisis

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – There is a lot of power in a helping hand when someone is trying to find their way out of a traumatic experience.

This week, Giuli Frendak helps Pay It 4ward to a woman who goes above and beyond for other women in crisis who need housing, and guidance toward a successful path away from domestic violence.

Kathy Lawson hit the reset button on her life last year. 

“I came on the Rail Runner with two suitcases, landed in a shelter looking for a way out of the relationship I was in,” said Lawson.  

She not only found a way out, but also found a way toward a successful new life.

“This is the chance that I needed for a brand-new start in my life, and many women feel the same way,” Lawson said. 

Because they had the help and guidance of Shannon McCoy.

“She always has a positive attitude, she’s always looking for better ways to help us. She just never stops,” Lawson said. 

McCoy is the housing program coordinator for Valencia Shelter Services. She’s one of the first to help women who come into the county’s shelter looking for a better life.

“She is there not only to remind us to be strong but that there are options to start our life over again,” said Lawson. 

McCoy most recently found Lawson some funding for new furniture, in her brand-new home. So, Lawson believes that is grounds for a big “thank you.”

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