Pay It 4ward: Nonprofit director honored for supporting local musicians

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Tonight, we’re Paying It 4ward to someone who prefers to shine a spotlight on others.

Tom Guralnick is well known in the community for running “The Outpost,” a nonprofit and community-based performing arts center.

“He books in a variety of musicians. It’s jazz, it’s blues, it’s folk, it’s singer-songwriter, it’s a little bit of everything,” said Cris Nichols, friend of Victor Romanelli. 

“It’s a special place. It’s a cultural treasure,” said Victor Romanelli, Pay It 4ward nominator. 

On top of providing scholarships and a safe space for people to learn and enjoy music, Guralnick has also invited some of the biggest names in jazz to perform for small local audiences.

“Grammy Award-winning. Just, yeah, I just I don’t even know, there’s just been so many,” said Nichols. 

Guralnick’s friends and colleagues say he always gives what he can to the community. Something Romanelli has experienced firsthand as both a volunteer and a performer at The Outpost.

“He tries to break even, you know, he just covers his expenses. He pays his musicians really generously,” said Romanelli. “Even with the COVID crisis and everything he was able to reduce, he reduced the amount, the capacity that he was allowed to have. And even at that expense of not being able to sell enough tickets to cover his expenses. He was ready, willing and able to do that.”

So now it’s Romanelli’s turn to give something to him. 

“I’d like to give you $400 for Pay it 4ward,” said Romanelli. 

“Thank you so much. You know where this goes right? This goes to the musicians of course,” said Guralnick. 

“I could imagine, you know he’s very generous,” said Romanelli. 

“Or to the expenses, you know, the organization that allows us to pay the musicians. Well, I believe, and, and, and everything. Musicians really appreciate it and we really love being able to pay them and to buy them food,” said Guralnick. “What’s the point of doing this? What if it’s not for the community? You know, that’s what, that’s what Outpost is about.”

The New Mexico Jazz Festival is running now through Oct. 8 featuring dozens of performers from across the world.

For a full list of events and ticketing info, visit The Outpost’s website.