Pay It 4ward: Retiree recognized for going above and beyond

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Each week we take a moment to highlight a New Mexican who goes above and beyond for their community, and their loved ones, and this week that’s Hazel Cimarron.

She’s retiring, but the good folks at Bubba’s 33 couldn’t let her career come to an end without a surprise for her.

“Oh my God, this woman. If you meet–when you meet her, you’ll understand what I’m talking about,” said Vanessa Quezada, Pay It 4ward nominator. 

After a decades-long career in the food service industry, Cimarron is starting a new chapter.

“She’s retiring today after 30 years of working for Sysco, and for the past eight years that Bubba’s has been open,” said Quezada. 

Vanessa Quezada is the owner of Bubba’s 33, and she says the work Cimarron’s done has literally helped them put food on the table.

“What she does is very important,” Quezada said. “When we don’t get our deliveries on time, they are my 911 hotshot order here in town.”

And even on Cimarron’s last day at work:

“This lady is like carting out pallets of supplies for our vendors, for us to go pick up off the will-call window. I’m talking loading cases onto pallets,” said Quezada. “Today it was 42 cases that she had. I literally want to be her when I grow up because she’s just amazing.”

That’s why Quezada is hosting Cimarron’s retirement party, with a couple surprises. 

“She wants to spend her time with her grandkids now, so I wanted to reach out to KOB for the Pay it 4ward, but I wanted to match that $400, so she walks away tonight with $800 to spend on celebrating her grandkids,” said Quezada. “I hope she does something special for herself because she deserves it.”

So it was time to Pay It 4ward with a combined $800. 

Watch the video above to see Cimarron’s reaction.