Pay It 4ward: Woman thanked for putting family first, world-famous frito pie

SANTA FE, N.M. – If you’ve ever been to the Five and Dime on Santa Fe’s plaza chances are you’ve had one of Lorraine Chavez’s frito pies, they’re world-famous and a true staple for New Mexicans.

Tonight, we’re focused on the woman who makes them. She’s been serving her community for decades and her family for even longer.

“We are here to pay it forward to Lorraine Chavez,” said Polito Martinez, Pay It 4ward nominator. 

Also known as the mastermind behind the frito pie at Five and Dime in Santa Fe’s plaza.

“This Frito pie’s supposedly world-famous,” said Martinez.  

More important than her contribution to the community, Chavez’s long-time friends Polito Martinez and John Hooper say she always puts her family first.

“She works paycheck to paycheck,” said Martinez. “She has a grandson who has cerebral palsy, and he’s been in a wheelchair since he’s been a baby. And she’s been taking care of him all of his time, all this time.”

“She never complains about what she does, she always a smile. Smile, and he’s very sweet and gentle,” said John Hopper.

What better way to say thank you to Chavez than with a belated Christmas gift of $400.

Watch the video above for more.