Perspective on FBI investigation into former President Trump

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Joshua Kastenberg, UNM law professor, has been part of declassifying documents at the Pentagon. He had a top-secret clearance while working in the field of cyber warfare.

He joined KOB 4 to discuss the FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home earlier this week, where agents reportedly uncovered classified government material.

“We’re talking about a risk to national security at a variety of different possible levels,” Kastenberg said.

The search warrant shows some documents were at the highest level of classification in the U.S. government. Kastenberg said that type of material is often only on paper, only a few people would have access to it, and it would be kept in a controlled, secure environment.

Trump and many supporting him either say these documents were declassified, or are inherently declassified because Trump had them.

Kastenberg said there are many steps to declassify and store those kinds of documents, which is the kind of work he took part in during the Obama administration.

“There is a formal process to declassify documents,” he said. “The process of declassification, from my experience, and my time being assigned in the Pentagon, is pretty detailed. It’s not just the secretary of defense taking a pen out and saying it’s declassified.”

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