PNM official breaks down money-saving tips for winter

PNM talks what to know as temperatures cool down

Our recent chilly spell is a good reminder that winter is coming. PNM's Kai Porter stopped by to talk about what to know as winter approaches.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Our recent chilly spell is a good reminder that winter is coming and temperatures are cooling down for the season.

PNM officials want you to know about certain things as temperatures cool down, such as bill assistance. This summer, they helped more than 20,000 low-to-mid-income customers with over $1 million in assistance.

Help is still available, as well, and there are some things that can help you save on your bill. One of those things is the Budget Billing Program which:

  • Evenly spreads out a customer’s yearly usage
  • Allows for consistent and manageable payments

You can also give the gift of power by helping pay someone else’s bill. All you need is the customer’s name and address and you can do it by calling 1-888-342-5766 (DIAL-PNM)

Qualifying lower-income customers can also get credits from the Good Neighbor Fund.

Above all, these tips can help you save money before the bill comes due:

  • Use your ceiling fan
  • Install insulating drapes or shades
  • Install storm windows
  • Clean or replace filters
  • Install a smart thermostat and lower your thermostat
  • Seal cracks, gaps and air leaks

Kai Porter, of PNM, stopped by to talk more about these tips and what to know as winter is approaching.