PNM provides power saving option during high heat

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A PNM program is helping to reduce energy demand and ensuring our power grid continues to keep us cool. 

“If PNM feels that there is going to be an added stress to the grid, we’ll use the people who sign up for this Power Saver Program to reduce that strain on the grid,” said Eric Chavez a PNM spokesperson.  

Chavez, is talking about the Power Saver Program.

Here’s how it works: when electricity demand is high, your air conditioner will be put into an activation period.

“It will reduce the use of your air conditioning for a couple of hours max during that day, during that afternoon,” said Chavez. 

The power saving event won’t happen every day.

“We’re keeping it on the weekdays, hopefully when people are at work when it’s not affecting them too much, and it will only be a max of four hours,” said Chavez. “When the temperatures are the highest and the energy is at its peak, it will allow PNM to go in there, and adjust those thermostats of those who have signed up for the program.”

If you want to participate you do have to apply. There could be a $75 bonus for people who sign up. But if you have a swamp cooler that may not be an option.

“This is only for people with refrigerated air. So people with evaporated coolers or swamp coolers, this isn’t going to be for them,” Chavez said. 

But that doesn’t mean your home needs to be a furnace.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time, and it seems like you’re probably not going to experience a power saving event is what we call it more than ten times in that summer,” said Chavez. 

You do have the option to opt out twice, while still enrolled.

Chavez says the power saver event isn’t something they want to do, but in the end, it does help the strain on the power grid.

For more information on PNM’s Power Saver Program, click here.