Police arrest troubling West Side Albuquerque neighbor

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Folks living on Albuquerque’s West Side say they’ve been dealing with threats for years from one of their own neighbors. They say he screams threats in the middle of the night, and carved racial slurs in driveways. 

Those neighbors have reached out to Albuquerque police multiple times. On Tuesday night, police arrested that neighbor – Bradley Wylie. 

Some neighbors told KOB 4 they are comfortable enough to finally take a walk down their street – something every neighbor should be able to do.

“It’s wonderful, it’s really cool to see, the sun’s shining, it’s a great day!”

Police arrested Wylie for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he carved a racial slur into Robert Witt’s driveway.   

“We’re here to make sure no one gets hurt. we don’t want to hurt you.”

Now, neighbors say they are happy to do the simplest things that they have not been able to do in years. 

“We feel much safer, and I was able to take a walk on the street today.”

With Wylie behind bars, relief filled the streets, but neighbors hope this isn’t just a short term solution.  

“I hope he’s gone, I mean that he won’t be here anymore and that there will be peace here for people who live on this street,” a neighbor said. “I have hope, but I’m really worried that this is temporary that he’s going to be released like so many people are released in this city.”

Wylie made his way into the Metropolitan Detention Center early Wednesday morning.