Police: Shots fired in Walmart parking lot

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — On Thursday afternoon, there was a shootout in the parking lot of the Walmart on Carlisle. 

Albuquerque police responded to a call of shots fired at 4 p.m. Thursday. Police said there were no injuries reported. Three individuals were allegedly involved in the shooting – one who was detained by IPS security and then spoke to by an APD officer, who learned he was likely the victim.

Police said the other two individuals involved got away. 

One witness talked to KOB 4 and said it was like reliving one of the worst nights of her life. 

Harmony Morris was just waiting for her mom in the Walmart parking lot when she suddenly felt bullets ricochet off her car. 

“An officer came and knocked on my window and asked me if I saw something happened, and I think it was just like within of a minute of what hit my car,” Morris said. “But I was just going through some PTSD from a prior shooting, so I didn’t realize what was going on until the officer said, ‘hey, did you see somebody shooting?’”

In 2012, Morris was in the theater during the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

“I went to The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, and a man that shall not be mentioned walked in with a gun and some smoke bombs,” she said. “He started shooting up the theater that we were in. I did end up losing two friends in that mass shooting. I made it out OK.” 

On Thursday, in the Walmart parking lot, Morris said her mom safely escaped the store and drove them to safety – while she relieved those terrifying moments in the movie theater. 

She calls herself a survivor – surviving Aurora and now another random act of violence. 

“For me, it’s really sad because it’s not a right wing, left wing issue,” Morris said. “It’s a societal issue. And I feel like we’re all just a part of the hate war that’s happening right now. And it’s devastating, devastating, but I have to keep pushing.”