Popejoy Hall announces 2023-24 show lineup

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Just last month, many people saw the long-awaited production of “Hamilton” at Popejoy Hall. Now, a full slate of shows is set for the 2023-24 season.

They’re shows you’d typically see on Broadway but they will soon be front and center at Popejoy.

“We have some exciting shows. For Broadway, we have three brand new tours. We have ‘Hades Town,’ ‘Pretty Woman: The Musical,’ and ‘Beetlejuice,'” said Fabianna Borghese, the director of Popejoy Hall.

Shows like “The Lion King” are also returning as a part of the 2023-24 season just announced this month.

Because of COVID, Popejoy Hall had to deal with protocols and had to reschedule big productions, like Hamilton, more than once.

Now, this season, they get to run a fresh slate of shows.

“This is the first full season that we’re having where it’s all brand new shows. Nothing has been rescheduled. It’s kinda a break from COVID. We’re back,” Borghese said.

Borghese and other officials say adding big names to the lineup. It not only brings more people to the theatre but it’s also a big draw to Albuquerque.

“We see so many people from around the state just to see a show like ‘The Lion King’ here at Popejoy,” Borghese said.

Another effort to fill up Popejoy’s seats is their “Broadway for Teens” program. They want to bring together high schoolers from Albuquerque and elsewhere in New Mexico to see Broadway shows at Popejoy.

“It brings these high school students who may not get a chance to see these big shows to step foot on a college campus maybe for the first time, and be able to come to the theater and experience a show that may open up their world a little bit,” Borghese said. “We’re hoping to expand the program this season to bring more schools to be able to see Broadway here in New Mexico.”

Wrapping up this season is “Aladdin.” The first show was Wednesday and it runs until June 11.

For a full list of shows coming to Popejoy, click here for more information.