Raw milk legalization finds momentum in Albuquerque

Raw milk legalization finds momentum in Albuquerque

Amanda Brown and her family have been drinking raw goat's milk for a decade.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Amanda Brown and her family have been drinking raw goat’s milk for a decade.

“We love knowing that the milk came from our home, we know exactly how the animals were raised. It’s really like a big part of our family,” said Brown.

Now, the Corrales farmer is getting her goats in a row to sell the raw milk.

Brown was very excited when the neighboring county, Bernalillo, recently legalized the sale of raw milk.

“We’re one of the only counties in the state that does not allow that sale. By and large, other counties do in the state of New Mexico does,” said Bernalillo County Commissioner Eric Olivas.

The legalization only applies to unincorporated parts of the county, like the South Valley and the East Mountains, Olivas said.

The ordinance includes quality and safety standards and strict labeling.

“We really adopted the state health code on this, we’re not going to do anything substantially different from the state, that should make this very predictable for our farmers and for consumers,” Olivas said.

Brown and Olivas said they support the legalization but know there are concerns with raw milk possibly making you sick, but they both compare drinking raw milk to breastfeeding your baby.

Brown said the best thing to do is educate yourself.

“There’s definitely going to be two different types of raw milk, those raw milk meant for human consumption, and then there’s raw milk that’s meant to be pasteurized, and they’re going to be handled differently,” she said.

Brown also said it’s not what you think: drinking directly from the utter.

“No, that’s not the case. Raw milk is cooled down immediately. Once it’s smelt, of course. First, it’s filtered, and then it’s cooled down, and then from there it’s bottled.” she said.

The City of Albuquerque is set to vote on a similar ordinance in an upcoming meeting, which would legalize sales throughout the rest of the metro.