Revamped skate park planned for Roswell

Revamped skate park planned for Roswell

The City of Roswell could see a new skate complex in the next couple of years.

ROSWELL, N.M. – The City of Roswell could see a new skate complex in the next couple of years.   

“Skate advocates had come together and discussed wanting to expand the skate park and what that would look like as a skate complex. We want to be the hub of southeastern New Mexico when it comes to where you go to skate,” said Jeneva Martinez, a parks and recreation commissioner member.   

The city was awarded $450,000 from the Quality of Life grant. The grant is for phase one of the project, planning and designing.   

Martinez says when she joined the Commissioner Board for Parks and Recreation, her main goal was to improve the parks and skate parks.   

The estimated $4.5 million project will include a roller derby track, new park, and a pump track.   

“It would allow us to host X Games, type level events, or even just having pro skaters come here, and do actual skateboard sanctioned events,” said Tori Hornick, organizer of Roswell UFO Skate Bash.    

The grant will not only help competitive skaters, but will also help children wanting to learn in the community.   

“We want to make sure, you know, that our youth gets the best. They actually get something that they can learn on, and that they can be proud of,” said Hornick.  

The community will get to be part of the final decision.   

“Part of this process for this grant is to get this some of the request proposal requests out, and then also to host a public meeting to have the community come out, and voice what they want to see in this park as well,” said Martinez.   

The city will have to apply for other grants to cover the total cost, but will have to wait three to five years until the skate complex is fully done.