RNC opens new center in Albuquerque

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The Republican National Committee said it has 35 different community centers across the country. The most recent one opened Thursday afternoon off Central and 63rd Street in Albuquerque.

“It’s going to be a hybrid between your traditional campaign office where we’ll make phone call, we’ll have volunteers knocking doors,” said RNC Western Communications Director Alex Kuehler. “There will be plenty of that because obviously, you know, there are races that we want to win here in New Mexico, but it will also actually act as a community center. We have faith night events there, we’ll hold nights where pastors can come in with their congregations, we’ll potluck dinners, we’ll hold different job training sometimes, movie nights, like different things like that.”

Kuehler said RNC noticed a shift in the Hispanic vote in 2020.

“We decided that it was probably smart to get into some of these communities and really start to reach out to them,” he told KOB 4.

With the election for New Mexico’s governor around the corner, tensions between political parties are high. Democratic leaders call the new center a cover-up.

“We’ve talked to a lot of communities around the country who, you know, feel like they’ve been left behind by Democrats, maybe their family, you know, came here, and they voted for Democrats, you know, for a generation or two for many years,” Kuehler said. “But now, they’re, they’re frustrated, and they’re fed up with kind of what’s coming out of Washington, DC.”

House Majority Floor Leader Javier Martinez shared the following response:

“I think it’s a ploy. They have not delivered at the national level, the Republicans have not delivered at the local level or at the state level, and this is just a way for them, I think to try and save face.”