Roswell Police Department debuts new patch

Roswell Police Department debuts new patch

If you've been to Roswell, you can't escape the UFOs or the green aliens on every corner.

ROSWELL, N.M. – If you’ve been to Roswell, you can’t escape the UFOs or the green aliens on every corner.

Now, the Roswell Police Department wants a piece of their city with them at all times. After more than 30 years, they are sporting a new patch. 

“We changed the color from yellow to green, and then we put ‘protect and serve those who land here,’” said RPD Deputy Chief Albert Aldana.

The new design came after many of the employees mentioned they wanted to update the patch. The police department let the employees participate in the design.

“Several people submitted different ideas. Then they posted them, they got a copy of them, and we voted on them. Then, we picked the top five,” said Aldana.

Although they ended up going with an alien theme, one thing they do want to make clear, there is no conspiracy about when the patches were released. The patch has been a long work in progress. 

While many people online didn’t agree with them adding an alien to their patch, others went as far as wanting to buy them. That’s something the police department is considering. 

“Maybe we should try and sell the patches because we’ve been getting a lot of people asking for them,” said Aldana.

The transition to the new patch is expected to be done by August.