‘Rust’ armorer criminal trial: State calls witnesses to the stand Friday

Rust armorer criminal trial: State calls witnesses to the stand – 5 p.m. update

The state called witnesses to the stand to start day two of the criminal trial against "Rust" armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.

SANTA FE, N.M. — The state called witnesses to the stand Friday in the criminal trial of “Rust” armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.

Friday’s first witness was Marissa Poppell, a Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office crime scene technician. Poppell investigated the guns and ammunition taken from the “Rust” set.

The state showed side-by-side photos of the live ammo found on-set and live ammo taken from PDQ Props. Poppell testified they were different types of ammo and didn’t appear to come from the same place.

On cross-examination, the defense said Poppell doesn’t have specific training to identify dummy rounds vs. live rounds. The defense cited times when the sheriff’s office sent suspected live rounds to the FBI only to find out there were dummy rounds.

The state’s next witness was former SFCSO Sgt. Christopher Zook. He testified about how some guns on the set were loaded with ammo not meant for that type of gun.

Ryan Litzinger, a production outfitter, was the third witness. The “Rust” production contracted him to shoot behind-the-scenes footage during production to help promote the film.

Litzinger was subpoenaed to share more than 100 videos he shot on-set. Both sides plan to show many of those videos later in the trial – however, they didn’t show any of them Friday.

Jason Hawks was the state’s fourth witness. Hawks is their expert on cell phone and device records extraction and data analysis.

Hawk read text messages from Hannah Gutierrez-Reed’s phone to a local number. He said the messages talked about her plans of “smoking” and “getting high” before dinner while working on the set of “Rust.”

Opening statements and testimony took place Thursday.

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