Saranam expands effort to combat homelessness in Albuquerque

Saranam expands effort to combat homelessness in Albuquerque

As homelessness remains an issue in our community, a nonprofit in the metro is making sure families in need have a roof over their head.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — As the homeless population continues to grow, a nonprofit in the metro is expanding to help families get a roof over their heads.

“Saranam is a nonprofit that ends homelessness and poverty for families,” said Dianne Campbell, the director of development for Saranam.

Saranam has been around for 20 years.

“The house, as I said, ends the homelessness. And the education in the community really changes their path forward,” Campbell said.

In 2022, Saranam broke ground on their ADC family campus. The new location is aimed at offering more housing opportunities – with 25 new homes.

“That will help us double our capacity in serving 25 families on the west side of town and 20 families on the east side of town,” Campbell said.

You may recognize the buildings – Saranam bought the portables from Albuquerque Public Schools.

Campbell says that after the first location started taking applications in August, they received 60-80 qualified applicants. However, they can only fit 10 families.

“We have been at capacity and are just looking to figure out, ‘How does it make sense to scale?’ And we are working on our process and procedures to replicate. We know the need is there,” Campbell said.

Families go through a two-year generational approach. Campbell says that boosts Saranam to an 88% stability rate.

“Once families exit Saranam at the end of their second year and they become our neighbors out in the community working as dental hygienists or vet techs, so many things. They are no longer experiencing homelessness or poverty again. This is replicating and going on to their children,” she said.

Applications are now open for spring enrollment for its second location. That location has room for 10 families for the first year. Then, they plan to expand to 10 more for the second year.

“If you are experiencing homelessness or know somebody that really wants to change their path forward for themselves and their children, then Saranam is a great fit,” Campbell said.