Security guard accused of beating woman with baton

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – 42-year-old Christopher Romero was caught beating a woman on camera while on duty as a Metro Security Guard at the downtown train station. 

Romero faces a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. But that was not enough to keep him behind bars Friday afternoon.

“A motion to detain has not been filed for Mr. Romero, so he will be released on this matter,” said Bernalillo County Metro Court Judge Brittany Maldonado Malott. 

In a criminal complaint, investigators described the brutal attack as they witnessed it through surveillance video. They say the woman appeared to push Romero first.

Four seconds later, he is seen coming down on her with a two-handed grip on his baton. He is seen hitting her in the back, then the right arm and right leg.

The video shows the woman sitting on a bench with her arms and legs up to defend herself. Four minutes later, police say the woman limped away from the scene with a hand on her arm.

Officers interviewed the other security guard who witnessed and later reported the incident. He told police the woman appeared to be on drugs, and pushed Romero because he was standing very close to her.

The security guard said Romero called the woman a profane name before pulling out his baton.

He also said he asked Romero to stop and back-off, and believed Romero would have continued if he didn’t step in. He described the expression on Romero’s face as pure anger.

During Romero’s interview with investigators, he said he acted out of fear for his life because he didn’t know what was in the backpack the woman was carrying.

The city just sent KOB 4 the surveillance video we described to you. It shows the moments before, during and after the security guard approaches the woman then turns to violence.