Sen. Ivey-Soto denies allegations in new ethics complaint

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – State Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto is facing yet another ethics complaint, saying he’s abusing his position as a state lawmaker.

Many of the allegations in the 20-page report hinge on Ivey-Soto’s day job and the work he does with county clerks across New Mexico.

The ethics complaint claims the senator went as far as sponsoring and amending legislation that would make his business more profitable

The ethics complaint – filed this month by Santa Fe Attorney Daniel Yohalem – includes 131 pages of evidence from emails between county clerks, and Ivey-Soto to invoices for his company, Vandelay Solutions.

Yohalem says all of this backs his accusations that the senator violated the state Financial Disclosure Act, the Lobbyist Regulation Act, and the Governmental Conduct Act.

The complaint says on multiple occasions Ivey-Soto sponsored legislation that would make his business more money.

For example, in 2017 when he sponsored Senate Bill 72 that would change the definition of lobbying – or in 2022, with Senate Bill 6, that tried to make it so county clerks no longer need commission approval to submit payments to businesses.

All of these accusations Ivey-Soto denies.

“We have a volunteer Legislature, we are expected to bring our expertise to the legislative process. I don’t, well, I’ve never profited off of any piece of legislation that I have sponsored, opposed, or that I have voted for,” said Ivey-Soto. 

While Yohalem didn’t return KOB 4’s request for an interview, his complaint also claims Ivey-Soto didn’t properly disclose how much money he made while working with county clerks– some years making more than $200,000. 

“I can assure you right now I have not broken any laws that, uh, well, Mr. Yohallem has gone out of his way to make this complaint sound serious and salacious. In fact, it is all based on his complete misunderstanding of the ethics laws in the state of New Mexico,” Ivey-Soto said.

Now, these are just some of the financial-based accusations against the senator that are listed in this complaint. 

Yohalem also rehashes the sexual assault claims that came out against Ivey-Soto in 2022 where the senator ultimately stepped down from his position on the Rules Committee.

So what’s next?

The attorney and the senator would have to go in front of the Ethics Committee.

While we don’t have a date set just yet, Ivey-Soto says he is putting together a comprehensive response to all of these claims.