Ski Santa Fe moose no longer on the loose

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SANTA FE, N.M. – 2023 became the year of the moose when a rare bull moose sighting captivated the Ski Santa Fe community. 

“My jaw hit the floor. I could not believe it,” said Jack Dant. 

Jack Dant is the mountain manager at Ski Santa Fe and has more than two decades of experience there.

“It’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced here,” said Dant. 

He had to know, was the moose sticking around?

He says the moose must’ve been a thrill seeker hanging out near Chile’s Glade – a double black diamond in the ski area. 

But one day a sign went up near the Tesusque Peak chairlift: no more moose on the loose.

“You could still kind of see him sometimes if you skied by, he’d be laying down or kind of wandering around at the tree edge. Then about a week later there was no more sign of him,” Dant said.

He says the tracks were last seen headed northeast a couple weeks ago.

“You know this is the farthest south recorded sighting of a moose in modern history,” said Dant. “It is the year of the moose, and we want to try and remember it somehow.”

There are several runs at the ski area named after different animals, Dant says they are still deciding on how they’ll commemorate the year of the moose.