Smooth sailing for Balloon Fiesta’s Twilight Twinkle Glow

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Spectators finally got a Balloon Glow after many cancellations last year. In fact, people got to see more than just the Balloon Glow Saturday night. 

While there were some changes and rearranges to the schedule all plans events did happen.

“I like how at night when it’s dark it like lights up the night, it glows, and you can see it. It’s cool, I like the way it glows,” said Evan Luces. 

But some folks weren’t as optimistic because of past years cancellations. 

“But to be honest we stopped coming a couple of years ago cause the weather was bad, and it would be canceled. So we’re very happy to come up this year and the weather’s been awesome,” said Margie Luces.  

Last year was no exception to weather problems. In fact, they had to evacuate the field in 2022 because of a torrential down pour.

“Unfortunately, last year we were facing some weather that was way out of our control,” said Jonathan Hodge, balloon pilot.  

For pilots and spectators alike, the Balloon Glow is an extra special part of Balloon Fiesta that many look forward to every year.

Saturday night was a successful glow, spectators were able to get up close and personal to all of their favorite balloons.

People also got to see the skydivers, drone show, fireworks, and the gas balloon race that took off after a short delay.