Snowboarders and skiers enjoy Sandia Peak Ski Area reopening

Snowboarders and skiers enjoy snow following reopening of Sandia Peak Area

To many people's surprise, Sandia Peak Ski Area opened up for the first time since 2022.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Sandia Peak Ski Area opened Saturday for the first time since 2022.

KOB 4 caught up with some of the first skiers down the slopes Saturday morning and caught their excitement during this much-anticipated opening. 

“Hella snow, we got hella snow! Especially up there, it’s probably like four or five inches, bro. It’s crazy!” said Jovanni Orozco, a snowboarder. 

It was a sight New Mexicans at Sandia Peak Ski Area haven’t seen in years – making this opening day even more memorable.

“Being open today, just loads of excitement, new snow, we couldn’t have asked for anything better. It is just like super exciting and thrilling and fun to see people out here, and the snow is amazing, right? Can’t be happier!” said Scott Leigh, executive with Sandia Peak & Mountain Capital Partners. 

Leigh says the team has been busy at work cleaning, working on the lift, and getting things in place to reopen – something snowboarders and skiers alike are grateful for.

“This is incredible with the snow and the preparation it took to get Sandia Peak going, it is phenomenal, phenomenal!” said Tom Long, an avid skier.

This opening weekend, New Mexicans can take advantage of lower lift ticket rates. Leigh says they will run different deals the rest of the season to drum up even more excitement.

“The skiing is amazing, so first of all get out here and ski and snowboard, it is fantastic. 100% of our terrain is open. So, from a skiing perspective, everything is open on the mountain,” said Leigh. 

“It’s like we are in the clouds up there, literally it is like low you can’t even see nothing and then the snow just covers your goggles, but it’s fun!” said Jovanni Orozco, a snowboarder.