Spring car care tips for New Mexico driving

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The weather is slowly warming up in New Mexico but you won’t want it to get too hot before you show your car some TLC.

April is actually National Spring Car Care Month and also a time when many are planning their next road trips. That means it’s important to make sure your car is in tip-top shape.

First: Your battery

“You want to get it tested, twice a year anyways, but you definitely want to get it tested before you start hearing the click,” said Albert Reyes, a general manager at Advance Auto Parts in Albuquerque.

At that point, your car isn’t going to make it very far. Luckily, many places will test your battery free of charge.

Second: Your windshield wiper blades

You’ll want to ensure the blades aren’t cracked or broken. Mother Nature is often the culprit for damaging them.

“In Albuquerque, yes, because of the dirt, the dust, the cold, the hot it’s very common here to actually switch them out more than twice a year,” said Lindsey Bullock, a general manager at Advance.

Third: Your cabin air filter

Switching out this filter is something you should do at least once a year, especially now. Having a dirty filter can make your spring allergies even worse as it attracts pollen, dirt and other allergens to your car.

Lastly: Your AC

It can get really hot in New Mexico, especially during the summer, so having a working AC is essential. You definitely want to make sure everything is working the way it should.

If not, talked to a trusted mechanic or try recharging your refrigerant.