Study shows most Americans believe in aliens

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A new study has Steven Spielberg’s E.T. movie as America’s most-watched alien encounter movie.

Kevin Lowrie and his son, Bryson Lowrie say they definitely believe in aliens.

“I say welcome is what I would say,” said Kevin.  

Bryson says he’s seen some things in the sky that look questionable. 

“I have seen like, stuff that, like doesn’t look like a rocket ship or anything like that,” Bryson said. 

And so have plenty of other New Mexicans. Just last week, viewers sent in several photos, and videos of bright lights flashing across the sky. 

Now, this wasn’t another Roswell incident, it was a SpaceX rocket launch.

According to the new study from, 37% of Americans believe U.S. scientists have already made contact with aliens. The website uses data collected from the National UFO Reporting Center, and it shows the Lowries aren’t alone – 78% of Americans believe aliens are real.

According to the study, New Mexico has 391 sightings per 100,000 people — the fifth-highest state in the country.

“That’s pretty awesome, I didn’t realize that I maybe the low light pollution, maybe the maybe all the telescopes looking up, they’re coming down to say something,” said Kevin Lowrie. 

The study says 41% of Americans think aliens are dangerous. 24% are scared of the idea of aliens, but a whopping 81% think aliens are intelligent.

“Yeah, absolutely. I think with all of the planets that are like Earth like in the cosmos, I think it’d be impossible that aliens don’t exist. I don’t know if they’re like us in any way, but I think they have to exist for sure,” said Sean Timm. 

The study also says 1 in 10 people believe they’ve seen a UFO.

“Well, aliens are definitely real. I’m not too sure about UFOs, but this is the place to see them if they are here,” said Max Singleton.