Suspect in 2012 murder, kidnapping takes plea deal

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — It’s been more than a decade since a New Mexican family lost their 19-year-old daughter. In that time, they had their suspicions about what happened to her. 

In 2021, they finally had some hope when investigators arrested a man for her kidnapping. But after a broken plea deal their hopes were crushed, again. 

The family of Cindy Rivera was full of mixed emotions Monday as the man now convicted of kidnapping Cindy in 2012, signed a second plea deal. 

On Monday, Anselmo Ortiz signed a plea deal. Cindy’s father, says after the last plea deal fell through and they didn’t want to risk going to trial. 

“The way it has been going, this individual could get away with anything. Last time he was sent to prison for 13 years, he did six years,” said Jessie Rivera, Cindy Rivera’s father. 

Last year, Ortiz’s plea deal said he would lead investigators to her body. But Ortiz didn’t uphold his part of the bargain. 

Prosecutors say he and Christopher Trujillo kidnapped and murdered Cindy near Bernal in 2012. 

“The hardest part I think through all of it is he’s shown no remorse. No, you know, “I’m sorry, I put your family through this. I’m sorry Cindy.’ Like it’s just, it’s always a dead face, no remorse whatsoever,” said Angela Rivera, Cindy’s sister. 

Under this new plea deal, Ortiz will serve 16 and a half years. After that, he’ll be on probation for two years. 

For the Rivera’s it’s not the justice they wanted, but they’re thankful for the small amount of justice they did get.

“I hope you see my sister’s face every day, you tore our lives apart, you shredded our family, you felt tough taking a 19 year old, 100 pound girl’s life,” said Angela.

Christopher Trujillo took his own life before he could be charged with anything in connection to Cindy’s kidnap and murder. 

Cindy’s family says they can at least start to actually heal now.